It Begins... LDS Guitar Music for All!!!


- Info if you would be interested in being a part of this project

- An Overview of the sections we are building on this site.

- See the new Updates Page for the current status of the project

Want to Help?

Current Tasks to Contribute:


Legal Advice: Anyone familiar with the copyright laws regarding music and lyrics. We would like to publish a guide for peopel to understand where they can leagally perform and reprint this music. Also, we want a guide for this site to know what can an cannot be posted on this site. If you are familiar with the laws and regulations and would like to contribure your knowledge to that guide please send an email to "contribute" "at" "" (I typed it in this format to minimize spambots, the at is an @ sign in the email)


Guitarists: If you have a verson of an LDS Hymn and would like to share it with the world then let us know via the email "submit" "at" "" (Again, I typed it in this format to minimize spambots, the at is an @ sign in the email)


Website Programmers: This will be a never ending project. If you are interested in tossing in some work to push it along let us know at the same email as above... "submit" "at" ""


The Overview So Far...

Here is a list of current features we plan on having...


So please feel free to contact us at the contribute email above if you are interesed in anything.

I exptect this to be a two year project as I have a couple more semesters left from my journey back to school and have very limited free time. Plus, there is only so much time when the kids arent around to play with. They get first dibs on free time!